Kolibri Revolver - 2mm Rimfire - Original Box - All Accessories Museum Quality


This is an incredibly rare find, a Franz Phannl 2mm Rimfire Kolibri Revolver manufacturered just prior to WWII, that has ALL of the ORIGIONAL ACCESSSORIES, in the ORIGIONAL BOX, which is in amazing condition. This is such a great find, it will be the gem to any collection. These are not normally found with all of the origional accessories, or the origional boxes, as these are usualy lost to time.  Hhowever, this one was kept in a temperature controlled environment which kept the gun and all of it's contents in this incredible condition.  This is truely a RARE find, and like stated before, this is a MUSEUM QUALITY piece. 

Berloque or watch fob pistols were first produced in Austria in the late 1890s and continue to be manufactured there to the present day. In all that time, their history has been closely linked to that of Franz Pfannl. Recent research has established that all of the berloques manufactured prior to 1938 - the year the Goebharter company began making berloques - were designs either manufactured by, or licensed for manufacture by Pfannl. The earliest of the berloque pistol was patented by Franz Pfannl on July 24, 1899.

In 1897 Pfannl began producing 2mm, pinfire, berloque pistols and rifles. Many are stamped with FP or PFANNL. His business grew to the point where he had 50 workers, and was manufacturing many mechanical items, including pencils. The Berloques were a big success and soon Pfannl's factory was producing parts for other manufacturers in German and Spain, who would finish the guns with a variety of grips and markings.

From the early 1930s to the second World War, Pfannl created an interesting group of designs, for berloque, blank and Flobert pistols in calibers from 2mm through 6mm.

He and a friend, George Grabner, who owned a casting plant in Krems, had a plan to market, small, defensive, purse pistols for women. The guns would be loud, to scare off attackers, but would have little power. Grabner became his partner in the marketing of the Kolibri, however, he had no part in its design. The Kolibri is the smallest semi-automatic pistol ever manufactured and is much prized by collectors. Although you will not find any serial numbers of the 2.7mm Kolibris above the double digits, there were thought to have been between 600 and 800 of the 2.7mm Kolibri Pistols made. Today, there are only thought to be less than 200 in existance. 

Download this page as a PDF document. KOLIBRI REVOLVER RARE 2mm Rimfire w/ Original Box & Accessories Datasheet

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