SAFETY FIRST: You must ensure you know what will and won't work in your mini, so READ ALL RELATED LISTINGS FULLY & ASK IF UNSURE PRIOR TO ORDERING! Live Rounds are powerful enough to go about 6 inches into ballistics gelatin and straight through a steel can. If you don't believe that, please check out our Facebook page Videos to see the 2mm vs ballistics gelatin to see for yourself. They are also about as loud as a .22 caliber short round and have the force of a BB gun or air gun. These are not considered Ammunition by the US ATFEB, and produce less than 1 (.97) joule of energy.

ADULT USE ONLY and sure that you follow all the safety rules as if this were a real firearm, keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire, treat all guns (including these miniatures not classified as such) as if they are firearms and always loaded, always use eye and ear protection when firing, make sure that nothing is blocking your barrel, that you have a secure backstop and you know what is beyond, and NEVER aim/point a mini at ANYTHING that you do not intend to destroy!

DISCLAIMER: Neither Pinfire Guns USA, its owners, workers may be held liable for damages, harm, or injury of any kind and under any circumstances. Pinfire Guns USA acts in good faith, but can not be responsible for the the use or misuse of, intentional or unintentional, any items provided and/or any information or misinformation, or lack there of. Customers must be, and by placing an order acknowledge the following requirements are met regarding any items provided by Pinfire Guns USA: Orderer must be adults and ensure only adults will have access; ensure they know any legal requirements which may apply to ownership or use.  

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