This is a Little Atom, Berloque miniature, 2mm pinfire pistol from Japan - it is gold-plated brass and has a square butt with mother of pearl grips. These are a cuff links combo that can be used as an accessory or put on clothing. They are an antique, produced in the 1950s and are one of the later models, which has a solid barrel, rounded happer and rounded trigger. These particular models is in "A" or Excellent condition (graded based on the overall working condition and aesthetics for the same style and age). These guns have a nice finish, with just some minor tarnish. The triggers is nice and stiff; you couldn't tell if they've ever been fired and the OAL 1¾". Everything you see here is included! These minis are designed ONLY to fire 2mm pinfire BLANKS, due to having a VENTED* barrelwhich is CLOSED/SEALED at the end and therefore can not fire any projectilesGreat to wear for a special occasion!


Listed in "The Tiniest Guns" by Bob Urso Vol. 3 on page 66 as J3c.


Click on the photo to the right for more and/or a larger view.


*IMPORTANT INFO ON VENTED GUNS: The barrel is CLOSED/SEALED and NOT ABLE TO FIRE ANY TYPE OF PROJECTILE! Do NOT ATTEMPT TO FIRE ANY TYPE OF LIVE ROUND/CAPS FROM A VENTED BARREL GUN! VENTED BARREL guns have a vent on top or bottom of the barrel, as aposed to the norm, barrel's end. These were designed only to fire BLANK ROUNDS/CAPS.


Download this page as a PDF document. SOLD - Cuff Links-Japan, Gold Little Atom w/MOP Grips- GBJMOPLB1 Datasheet

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