SOLD 24K Gold-Plated Xythos Revolver FEMALE Flare Kit​


This is a NEAR MINT 24K Gold-Plated Female (Big Barrel) Xythos 2MM Pinfire MINIATURE FLARE GUN (Xythos are unique in that they were made to Fire all 6 Shots, back to back,  as quickly as you can pull the Trigger - a difficult design in a miniature gun, where most are single shots (or hand-turned pepperboxes). This Pinfire Gun has a FEMALE threaded barrel (hidden threading where the flare adapter screws INTO the end, unlike the more common smaller barrel male threaded counterpart). This was the last style, which looks more like a true large gun with a site on the end and no visible threading for the adapter, made by by original Austrian designers and makers Andres & Dworsky. This in the Xythos original fitted plastic case, has a matching 24K Gold Plated Flare Adapter, an extra revolver cylinder, an extra retaining pin, a Xythos miniature Red box housing 20 2mm pinfire blanks, and 10 multi-color flares (white, red, green, and yellow). The flares fire up to 150 feet in the air and are very visible!

We also sell additional flares in tubes of ten and the rounds - 2mm pinfire blanks (one blank required to launch one flare, but also a blast to fire without flares), and you can even add on our handmade 2mm pinfire live rounds (flat-top only for Xythos). 

These are great for when camping, boating, fishing, hunting, skiing & any outdoor sport where you may need a flare gun to save your life. These are also great for birthday parties, 4th of July, New Years eve, or maybe for a special anniversary you want to make special.

This  Xythos is in GREAT CONDITION & is being sold on consignment and shipped from us. The production of these has stopped in 2012, making these very rare and collectable - especially NEW or SLIGHTLY USED examples like this.

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Download this page as a PDF document. SOLD-Xythos Gold 2mm Pinfire Flare Kit-Big Barrel/Female-Like Datasheet

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