SOLD-This is the Xythos miniature 2mm pinfire pistols from Austria - it is gold-plated and has a squared butt, round trigger, 5 ridge hammer and black grips. This is an newer gun, with the last of these produced in 2012.. This particular model is in "A" or GREAT condition (graded based on the overall working condition and aesthetics for the same style and age). This gun has a nice finish, with light scratches on the gun's body. Overall length (OAL) 1 5/8". Comes with everything you see here! These minis are designed to fire 2mm pinfire BLANKS, due to having a smaller designed barrel. However, there are people that do fire the flat-top rounds from these guns, and say it works great, but you would have to decide that for yourself.

Xythos revolvers are listed in "The Tiniest Guns" by Bob Urso, Vol. 3, pages 40-42 where you can find lots of good information on the history and types made. We've also included some details on the Xythos main category page.


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*IMPORTANT INFO ON XYTHOS REVOLVERS: These were made only to fire 2mm pinfire blanks (and some have attachable flares, which utilize blanks to launch). Xythos has two cylindars which must align for use. Regarding Xythos and the two types of live rounds: 1.) Lead Ball handmade-it is NOT safe and will not fit, so do NOT attempt! 2.) Flat/wadcutter live rounds will fit, but  they may not fire reliably and it is NOT recommended.



Download this page as a PDF document. SOLD-Xythos Gold-Plated 2mm Pinfire Round Case - GX5RD1.A Datasheet

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