"MY LITTLE FRIEND" 6 Shot 2mm Pinfire Ring Gun  

The "MY LITTLE FRIEND" Ring Guns being sold here are Bob Urso’s  version of the classic ring pistol, similar to "Le Petit Guardian", or the "La Femme Fatale”. 

These amazing replicas are 6 shot 2mm pinfire, with a "white brass" ring, and blued steel parts.  Each vintage case is different, hand  relined with "French fit" recesses., 6 antique 2mm pinfire blanks, a miniature screwdriver, and the ring gun are all perfectly set in these custom recesses. On the outside cover is a silver inset plaque with "MY LITTLE FRIEND" etched into it. This can be thought of as Bob’s tribute to both the “Le Petit Gaurdian” and Scareface.

At present, there are only four left from the first edition of eight. The two ring guns that are shown here are ready to ship. All parts are numbered, as you can see the number on the frame under the pin shield in the second photo of each group. There is only one size which is between 9.5 and 10.  

Using a mold for a La Petit Guardian, Bob pulled several waxes, filling in the old lettering with wax, and then casting them in brass.  He then hand engraved the new lettering around the rim with deep cut recesses. A new mold was then made of this "new" Brass Ring, with the new hand engraving on it, and more waxes were pulled from this new mold. Now, new casting were done with "white brass", or what is sometimes called German Silver.  All the steel parts were then made and hand fitted to each ring gun, polished and blued, for a one of a kind exotic collectible ring gun that any connoisseur would greatly respect, and any beginning collector would love to fire. 

We include MANY EXTRAS with this ring gun, including: 

• An additional TWELVE 2mm Pinfire Blanks 

TWELVE 2mm Pinfire Flat-Top Live Rounds 

•  Brushes 

• Miniature Glass Ammo Bottles 

• A Custom Skull Push Rod (for Expelling Spent Rounds from the Cylinder)

  **To select the number, of the Ring Gun, that you would like to order, just click on the drop down selector tab below. If you do not make a selection, it will automatically default to the highest numbered ring gun that we currently have in stock.      


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Download this page as a PDF document. Bob Urso - 2mm Pinfire Ring Gun “My Little Friend” w/ EXTRAS BUR Datasheet

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